As Teacher:
"Lori is an excellent acting coach you can depend on. In addition to being diligent when working with your child, she's intuitive, very professional and can provide insights into the acting business. Lori worked with Matthew in preparation for his auditions for Toronto's production of the Sound of Music. He got the role of Kurt. Lori is a great resource and "go to person" to have in your corner." Michelle Tissi

"You are a joyful delight. I much enjoyed your class, your perspective, your knowledge...your sharing...you have a way of saying it like it is...with honesty and passion!" Dawna Marie Wright

“Lori has taught me so much. I never knew there were so many different ways to say a single, simple, word. Without her, I probably wouldn’t have gotten into Unionville High School for the arts. I’m learning how to look at a script, take it apart, create a back story, all so I can truly be the character. I have learned so much from Lori...” Chloe

As Actor:
NOW Magazine voted Lori Pearlstein & Shannon McDonough one of the best ensembles in the 2009 Toronto Fringe Festival for their two hander BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT.

Performers/Creators Lori Pearlstein and Shannon McDonough share strong chemistry. The touching moments and especially the comedy between them work nicely...NOW MAGAZINE

Lori Pearlstein was nominated for a Pixie Award for her performance in THE BRISS.

"...Pearlstein is very talented when she wants to be." EYE MAGAZINE

Hot off her successful New York City run, Lori Pearlstein brings her one woman show IT'S ABOUT TIME...ONE IMMIGRANTS JOURNEY TO HER AMERICAN DREAM to Toronto for its Canadian debut.
An autobiographical "dramedy" with music. It takes you through the life long trials and tribulations of an actor, who after fighting her parents, the INS and herself, finally makes it to New York City. NOW MAGAZINE

"A beautifully acted piece, a well written story, but that was not my daughter's life." LORI'S MOM

As Stand Up Comedienne:
"Fun-Loving downtown comedienne Lori Pearlstein hosts a hilarious night of stand up comedy at Chetty Red." PAPER MAGAZINE

"Lori Pearlstein finally came up with a name for her show: BABY X. Drop by to congratulate her, and see comics from NBC, CBS, Comedy Central and HBO..TIME OUT NEW YORK

BABY X was selected as a Voice Choice in THE VILLAGE VOICE

"an amazing night of Stand Up.Line up includes top notch comics such as Neil Brennen, Cynthia Levin, Danny Cohen, Becky Donahue and of course Lori Pearlstein. You never know who else may drop by and you won't want to miss them..girlcomic.net

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Upcoming and Past News

Come join me for an improv party to raise money for CAMH in honour of my teacher/mentor/friend Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Please RSVP: loripearlstein@me.com or 416-648-9055

Flyer for Adult Improv Fundraiser March 22


The Film Lab


Cracking up

Thanks to everyone who came out to:
ROCKIN FOR POGO (The Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario)
@ REVIVAL. We raised a lot of money and had a great time.
After a ten year hiatus, Lori shares the stage with her old bandmates. WAKING UP IN VEGAS clip

CHECK OUT A CLIP FROM Lori's interview at www.thatchannel.com

Build a Bridge and Get Over It! -- THE FRINGE SHOW!
From co-creators and performers Lori Pearlstein and Shannon McDonough. Read our review in Now Magazine.

Build a Bridge and Get Over It!